Natalia Smirnova, Designer & digital artist
Making an art catalogue of nature

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Free Calendar

In year 2019, I’ve made a Calendar with Rare Animals and Flowers, it’s free to download, print and use in any period of time:

Why I do this?

Everything what I do — I want to do for the Nature. For the Animals. And for the Planet. Money 💰 not the goal anymore, but money can help me to stay on my path. Any support will help and very appreciatted. It will help to keep me concentrated on my tasks which will be useful for the Nature. I can draw and can create more with your support.

I used to make a jewellery ( and sell it, but now I don’t want to be concentrated on money at all, so I paused it. Now I make jewellery only for hobby or for myself and friends.

I don’t sell any merch because I don’t want to create more consumption. World have enough products with my patterns already, just patterns there are meaningless, and now I’m working on to change it.

Someday I will create useful products for sale, then we will make it mass. But not now. At least now I’m not that person who want to do this (if you want to be this person, who want to sell my products, please send a letter to I believe that I have more important things which I can do and I’m good in this — it’s making art. Creating animals and flowers, insects and plants, birds, fishes and all creatures look cool and make people respect all this beauty that we have. All this beauty that I can see on this planet.

Thank my followers so much for the everything. For all your support of my work. Likes, comments, follows, shares — all this things help me to stay alive and do what I believe in 🙏🏻

Wanna get some pics I’ve made?

Many patterns here:

Textures here:


Natalia Smirnova

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